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About Mind Plugs

 Mind Plugs is an Action Sports Clothing Company.

Our Mission is to help connect athletes with actionable knowledge to aid in their progression. 

Our Goal is to build a network of experienced athletes around the world that can help teach other athletes how to safely & effectively reach the next level in their sport.

The best way we can achieve our goal is by building Team Mind Plugs and creating connections between those wanting to learn and those willing to teach.


We encourage the idea of plugging into the voice inside your head (passion) and listening to it. Doing what ever it is that YOU want to do in life. Taking your mind and powering it with new knowledge. We believe that the key to a good life is living one you are passionate about. Fuel your passion. Connect your mind.

Our Products

We are a growing company that is constantly evolving and doing our best to provide quality products that maintain a strong sense of style while still being functional when being worn. We offer men's graphic tees in many different colors and styles. We have a growing selection of women's graphic tees, tank tops & hoodies. We have a new kids section with graphic t-shirts and kid’s snapbacks. We have a headwear section for men & women with classic snapbacks, quality mesh trucker hats, beanies, bomber hats and more styles being added all the time.  We also have a vinyl decal “sticker” section where all our classic logo’s and fonts can be purchased. These decals are high quality and are designed to last for years if applied correctly. In other words, we have a lot of rad options and you should go see them for yourself.

At the end of the day, we’re just like you and we just want to be involved in the action sports community, help people and create rad clothing for the world to enjoy. =]


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